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ESPORTA ES3250 - Commercial Washer and Extractor

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Location: Calgary, Canada
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ESPORTA ES3250 for sale
Commercial Washer and Extractor? - $26,400

ES3250 is specially designed to effectively clean items that cannot be cleaned by conventional front load machines.?

The ESPORTA Restoration Wash System is the Industry's only wet-wash Machine Designed from the ground up to recover (soft contents) from fire and water disasters.

DIMENSIONS: 74.5??H X 79??W X 49??D wt. 3600 Lbs

The ESPORTA Wash System includes a highly efficient, 4-Step process utilizing patented, industry-leading technology and professional cleaning detergents.

It is a 6th generation high performance Washer/Extractor system.

The ES 3250 is fully programmable for up to 99 programs, featuring the unique ESPORTA touch screen microprocessor control system. This advanced control system allows for either full operator control or one touch start for a simplified operation. Esporta's patented software also has the capability to allow you to control water temperatures to the exact degree.

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